It’s Pansy Time

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We have a very bad neighbor and maybe some raccoons and opossums, that destroyed my mailbox bed this summer.


I am none too pleased.

Besides the poop, the dogs dig and scratch and send our pine straw into the street where it gets washed or blown away. They also urinate all over my flowers. There has been so much pee in this spot, that the ammonia has killed my evergreen perennials that are nearly impossible to kill.


I’m not a happy homeowner.

I will admit that I let Mason hike his leg on other people’s mailboxes, but never on their flowers. If there are flowers within 6” to 12” of the object he wants to mark, I don’t let him do it. I am a considerate person.

I’m thinking about putting up a sign. I’m that person. I never thought I would be, but when you spend time and money to make your yard look nice and inconsiderate losers ruin it with dog pee I get angry.

Tangent over. For now. I went to the neighborhood Lowes and got mulch instead of pine straw. My logic here is that it’s harder to kick up and won’t wash away as easy.


I also got a lot of pansies.

I wanted to get ornamental cabbage, but it’s very late summer/early fall in Georgia and I didn’t want to risk them getting scorched. Maybe I’ll plant those in a few weeks.

After I ripped all the plant carcasses out, I turned the soil and mixed in some compost so the pansies won’t get choked out by red Georgia clay.

Then I planted the pansies.



Spread the mulch.


And watered.

It looks so much better, but anything is an improvement.

I shall cap it off with a sign that features a skull and crossbones or a dog with a giant X through it.

Don’t mess with me. It ain’t right. It’s rude.


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