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Bubble Wrap and Pot Roast

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It’s week three of marriage and despite my courageous efforts to have the apartment unpacked and fully functional prior to the honeymoon, we’re still dodging dozens of cardboard boxes, wading through a sea of Crate&Barrel packing shred, and our office is the coffee table in the living room. (By the way, Adam would like to find out who supplies C&B with said shred. He’s itching to buy some stock in this company that has made the floor of our apartment a winter wonderland.)

Some may say I was a little too ambitious trying to work a full-time job, plan a wedding for 150 guests, AND move all my belongings into Adam’s place simultaneously. I say they’re right – well mostly. I am ambitious. And we almost had it livable… until the extremely generous, never-ending, bottomless, plethora of wedding gifts arrived at our home. And they are still arriving.

Presents are exciting. Who doesn’t love them? And I for one, love surprises. So it’s especially fantastic to open present after present of items that we carefully picked out and still be surprised. We are so blessed by our family and friends’ generosity. When we walked into my parent’s living room after the honeymoon, our jaws hit the floor. It was better than any Christmas I’ve ever seen. So if you’re reading this, thank you so, so much.

At any rate, it is week three of marriage and Adam and I are still slowly unpacking things, peeling stickers off, saving packing slips and gift receipts, and putting items away. So far, marriage has been good to us. We are beginning to get into a routine – as much as we can since Adam’s schedule varies day to day. I am chipping away at the DVR; I had not watched any fall television since I was in the land of tulle and lace. We’ve made trips to IKEA and The Container Store.

[With regard to the Container Store, I really do believe it has a solution for every darn thing! Some advice: go with a list and don’t veer off the list. You will find yourself standing there with a hot pink bulletin board in one hand and an automatic sugar dispenser in another trying to decide between the two! I think there is a dark spirit in there that possesses freakishly organized people like me and persuades me to buy holders for my corn holders. It’s intense.]

We’ve also had fun cooking meals together as a married couple. For some reason, I feel the expectations are greater for good food and the fear of failure has increased. I am wife. I cook good food. Husband will love it and eat it all.

Our first prepared meal as a married couple was delicious no matter how it looked – and it was not pretty. Two problems: we didn’t allow enough time for the pizza dough to rise and we didn’t stretch it out on the pizza stone. Therefore, the transfer from counter to stone resulted in an oozing blob of pizza/calzone/cheesy-mess. Another meal that we made was very delicious and it looked good too. It was Real Simple’s recipe for lamb meatballs with couscous and feta. Easy and yummy! I made my very first pot roast last night with oven roasted potatoes and carrots. The meat was way overcooked and tasted like a shoe. Adam came home to a wife in tears. Obviously I was lamenting the fact that the roast was more done than well-done (I failed in my wifely duties), and I burned myself when I decided to take the lid off the Dutch oven without an oven mitt. Smart… But, my gravy was excellent. We just doused the roast with it and made do. We’re learning by doing and not starving yet. Tonight’s dinner will be fairly simple and I should avoid catastrophe since I’ve made it before: cranberry sausage quiche. Next week, Adam gets to cook dinner every night since he owes me big time, even if the roast was horrible.

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