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Here’s a little tidbit to hold you over until I write a meatier entry on (sneak peek) planting a spring garden!

Since we’ve been shopping for a home, I’ve become slightly obsessed with all things home décor. One of my sorority sisters introduced me to John and Sherry Petersik’s blog about DIY décor and remodeling. I’m addicted. When I talk to Adam about home things, I’m starting to say, “Well, John and Sherry painted their ceiling this pale blue.” And, “John and Sherry recommend living in a space at least 6 months before making major changes.” Adam’s response: “Who? Oh… your blog people?” accompanied by a major eye roll. I may be a tad attached to my pretend friends and DIY-experts, but I have adopted a new hobby: home décor blog surfing. And I’ve been surfing a lot.

Through my obsessive perusing of home ideas, I’ve noticed that I have a recurring fascination for certain items – quirky or not. I will list them here.

1. Chinese garden stools – I have a sentimental love for these. My mother has a blue and white one in her foyer that she uses as a plant stand. When I was little, I remember constantly sticking my fingers in the little holes trying to figure out what exactly was inside that glass barrel. They make a great accent piece and now they come in all colors. I wouldn’t pay over $100 for one. I hear (through the blogosphere) that you can get one for $50 at Garden Ridge.

I want one in this color



a little more mod

Orange is pretty modern too, but I don't prefer this one

Similar to the one my mom has



And a black one for boring people. Just kidding



2. Throw pillows – Contrary to Adam’s opinion, you can never have enough. Nothing says cozy like a couch full of throw pillows. Cost saving tip: order the cases and switch them out with the inserts you already own. Etsy is a great place to look at throw cases.

3. Birds – I know that one day in the not so far off future the bird motif will be out of style. I can’t help myself. I LOVE IT! I plan to make my own wall art by copying these tiles in an aqua and gray color scheme to match our bedroom. I may cave and get a few ceramic birds to scratch my aviary itch. I don’t plan to invest in expensive bird décor like fabrics or rugs, just things that can easily be switched out when the Scottish terrier fad makes a comeback (just kidding). For laughs, here’s a video on the dangers of decorating with birds. Everyone should use caution.

4. Antique keys – Don’t they look so nice when a group of them is framed? It’s so nostalgic and a creative way to decorate.

5. Tufted furniture – There’s something so old-fashioned-men’s-smoking-room about it. It makes me think of old Hollywood. Apparently it’s fairly easy to make. We’re thinking about converting a Malm headboard from Ikea to a taller tufted one once we move. If that goes well, we may decide to make an over-sized tufted ottoman instead of paying $800+ for one.

Well that’s all I have time for now. There are some other developing obsessions – area rugs, hobnail glass, cobalt glass bottles – but I should stop before I get ahead of myself.

Stay tuned for the gardening post and an update on our upcoming 5k race!


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