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Just Sign There, and There, and There, and There and There and There…

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When I started writing this blog, I set out to write at least one entry per week. That hasn’t quite happened. Why, you ask? Well there’s this Herculean time-suck called house hunting which results in the abandonment of all that’s dear to you, even your sanity. I haven’t seen as much of my dear friends as I’ve wanted. My parents are quite sick of hearing about ancient furnaces, low-flow plumbing, and shoddy tiles. And not being able to clothes or shoe shop the way I want for summer is a little depressing, but it’s all in the name of home ownership so I’ll quit whining and be grateful.

After visiting over 30 houses in person and looking at hundreds online, we have found our first home! Can I get a “woot woot”? Thank you. It’s perfect for us. It meets Adam’s criteria of having a big yard and a few projects. It meets my criteria because it won’t be an eternal construction zone, it looks pretty, and there are MULTIPLE (gasp!) walk-in closets. It meets a lot of our shared criteria because the price was WAY right, the location is fantastic, the layout is functional (Which you will discover is not a guarantee in a house. We saw some pretty weird floor plans). There’s a two-car garage. It is within walking distance of great parks (yes, plural). And it’s proximity to shopping and the interstate is hard to beat.

Here are a few pictures of our lovely house. There’s a lot that we plan to do, but we don’t want to make any major changes until we’ve lived in it awhile. I’m sure I will chronicle our home improvement adventures here. But for now, look at the house that we got in all its closing day glory.

The front of the house


Entry way. The tile is not my favorite.

Guest Bedroom - pretty blue, huh?

Master Bedroom in Pink!

the Hall bathroom. It screams "make me over!"

Spacious kitchen we plan to remodel down the road

Only one end of the family room. We're excited about this room!

Brand New Deck

HUGE backyard!

Ivy in the backyard. Removing this is on the to-do list. MAJOR project!

I took these pictures right after we gained possession of the house. I wanted to capture all the “before” shots I could: the paint colors, the “retro bathrooms with original tiles” (You’ll hear that a lot when looking at older homes. Translation: ugly, outdated bathrooms), the 1970s entryway tile which is fairly new (EW!), the very functional and large kitchen, the brand-new deck, the stellar back yard, the not-so-stellar front yard… Well, you can see it for yourself. I will note that I found Jesus in that entryway tile. Seriously, His face is there. Now I’ll feel a little bad about ripping it out of there.

The bathrooms, the paint, and the entry tile don’t scare us – well except for that face. We are very excited about making design decisions that will turn this house into our home. Plus, we consider ourselves to be pretty handy since we are the spawn of incredibly handy parents. You inherit handiness, right? I’ve always thought so.

So this is our house. We are so excited. We’ve already started to clean, paint, and tackle the yard. We hope to have a big party in the next month regardless of how the inside of the house looks. We’re envisioning something casual in the backyard since the house will be pretty chaotic for a while. I see Bocce Ball, barbecue, iced down beers, and a long table full of people we love. And you get to use the Pepto bathroom. Perfect.

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The Red BMW Convertible

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When I was 8 years old, my life changed forever. You see, it had a purpose. 1994 was the year that Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas aired on NBC as a TV movie. Like most girls my age, I was obsessed with the show, loved Zach Morris (I even met him once), and wanted to BE Kelly Kapowski. But when I laid eyes on Lisa Turtle’s red BMW convertible in that TV movie, I knew I had to have one. So at 8 years of age, I began stashing my allowance away, all birthday money, etc. When I was old enough to start baby-sitting, I saved that money too. The dream for the Beemer faded slightly, probably because I understood how unrealistic it was for a little girl to save up for a $60,000 car $10 at a time.

I fondly reminisce about that car because it was the catalyst for my penny-pinching ways. It was the rationale behind opening up a savings account before I reached double digits. That car required one of those little cashbox banks. Mine was pink! Although the desire for my red BMW 325i weakened, all those lusty emotions resurfaced this week when we had to fork over a small fortune for the down payment on our first house.

Don’t misread me. I feel so fortunate and blessed to be able to buy a house and I know that the money I started saving almost two decades ago is serving a wonderful purpose. But I can’t help but get a little misty-eyed and wistful over my BMW. I will never abandon my childhood fantasy. So to you BMW, my pipedream, my far-away love, I will not say goodbye. I will see have you someday.

Image taken from here.

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Dixie Highway Yard Fail

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I had a plan to write a lengthy, pictorial, and splendid post about my super successful day at the Dixie Highway Yard Sale with my mother last Friday. But it wasn’t super successful – or even mildly successful. It was an epic fail. We managed to capture a few pictures, but even those aren’t as exciting now as they were then: 1950s parking meters; a motorcycle death-cycle hodgepodge of mangled bicycle parts, pipes, and a car wheel; and a Cutlass that was very close to my grandfather’s most beloved car. There was a side table I fell in love with, but LuLu wouldn’t come off of the price so I walked away cool as a cucumber thinking that would persuade her. It didn’t. I even went back for the thing a few hours later only to abandon it again after Mom and I couldn’t figure out if the table top was made of real wood. It was a sketchy little number and one I didn’t want to pay sixty bucks for if it was a fake.

More or less, this “giant” yard sale was a whole lotta hype for a bunch of second-hand clothes, yard tools, mason jars, old signs, ceramics, etc. If you’re into that, that’s wonderful. This event is for you. I was on a mission to find furniture to furnish our (fingers-crossed) almost-closed-on house. There was hardly any furniture to be had and what was there was not my taste or way too expensive for a yard sale find.

It was a reality check. I’ve read all the Southern Living issues and flea market blogs where people find this amazing buffet for $30, put in some sweat equity, and BA-BOOM: a masterpiece. But how often does that really happen? And can you find things like that all the time when you work 40+ hours a week Monday through Friday? It’s not like I can peruse Craigslist all day at work or scout out weekend garage sales when my apartment needs cleaning and there are a billion other errands to run.

If you are a successful furniture finder and re-habber, please share your secrets and the before and after pictures. And if you happen to find the following items on the side of the road, hit me up:

  1. Round pedestal table for the kitchen – solid wood
  2. Kitchen Chairs – wood, at least 4
  3. Sideboard
  4. 2 nightstands with drawers – they don’t have to match
  5. End table
  6. Coffee table

Last Friday was not the day for me as far as furniture hunting goes, but it was quality time with Mom. We had a blast cruising up and down US Hwy 41 in 90 degree weather. We discussed the future house and all its possibilities from paint colors to a kitchen renovation. All in all, it was a wonderful day. Are there special things you do with your mom? Last year it was wedding planning, this year it’s home planning.

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