The Fumes are Getting to Me

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I apologize for my blog absence. We had the Big Arse Move this weekend. I’m sure you understand. I can’t find my underpants. True story. Don’t worry. I found them before work this morning. That was probably way too much information… See title of post. That explains this paragraph’s stream of random thoughts.

This post is a little more picture heavy and a little less wordy. I can hear your shouts of joy. Keep it down.

So if you’ll recall, I talked about paint here and posted some pictures of the contenders for make-overs here. Now that we’ve refreshed our memory on the before shots, let’s take a look at the before and after shots in succession. Please forgive my amateur photography skills.

Guest Bedroom:

This room was painted Papa Smurf Blue for the previous owners’ little boy. I was afraid it would take more than two coats, but luckily it didn’t.

Guest Bedroom - where Papa Smurf used to live.

And here we are after two coats of Valspar Cincinnatian Hotel Nichols Taupe eggshell.

Guest Room

View of Closet Doors I Would Like to Remove Someday...

Some darker lighting for contrast

Looking good, right? It better with a paint name like Cincinnatian Hotel Nichols Taupe. All Nichols needs for added pressure is some Roman numerals at the end. If you’re Nichols, VI, you better not fail at anything. For reals. The taupe actually has a hint of lavender in it which I surprisingly like. It gives it a little pizzazz. It will look swell once we get the bedding in there. I promise. We really like how rich the color is. Never mind that ugly brown vent. The headboard for the bed will cover it up.

Master Bedroom:

For some reason, this room was a dusty pink. I don’t know about you ladies out there, but my husband refuses to sleep in a pink room and that makes me glad. If he had walked in there and said, “What a great color!” or even “This isn’t that bad”, I would have been concerned. You may think I’m crazy, but that pink paint also clashed with the floors. It is possible to do this. Ask my mother. She knows everything.

See how that pink clashes with the floors? Look closer!

We decided to lighten this room up a lot – and boy we did – by painting it a very pale aqua blue, Valspar Lament Blue eggshell. While we were painting, we could see that the room was a dark teal before with baby blue trim. It must have been like a cave in there. It probably took 4 coats of that pink to cover it up. The room looks so much bigger now with a lighter color. The blue looks great with our bedding and once we get everything moved in, it will be super!

Adam edging away

Master Bedroom before touching up Window Trim

Ahhh.... No more pink!

Master Closet:

We weren’t planning to paint the master closet, but it was pretty disgusting. And it was painted a very, old beige (say 20-years-old). A sure way to get rid of previous homeowner smell (not that it was bad, just not our smell), is to paint.

It’s hard to see the difference in pictures since we don’t have any decent before shots, but it was drastic. Just take a look at that ceiling. Adam painted this puppy all by himself with a little help from me on the shelves. We used a bright white semi-gloss in order to reflect more light and make it easier to see in there. And Adam wasn’t stingy either. He painted everything white: walls, trim, molding under the shelves, and door frame. It looks so much better!

White Closet

Hello clean closet!

We plan to paint the ceiling after we, and by “we” I mean Adam, repair the attic entry. We’re not looking forward to taking everything out of the closet to paint the ceiling, but the difference from wall to ceiling is obvious and kind of gross now that we have fresh, white paint on the walls. And there wasn’t time to do it all in the 3 weeks before move-in. Darn!


There really wasn’t anything wrong with the kitchen before. At least we didn’t think so. My taste just doesn’t jive with yellow walls. So we painted them. Like I mentioned here, it was difficult to pick the right color due to the cabinet color.

Yucky Yellow and a really bad picture

The added challenge in selecting a paint color is the fact that I wanted green. In case you’ve never picked paint colors, green is one of the hardest colors to select. I can’t be too dark, too gray, too brown, too yellow, too blue, too beachy, too 1960’s, etc. Ugh. I was so relieved when I settled for Behr’s Topiary Tint.

Ignore the mess. Check out the green!

We didn’t think anything was wrong with the yellow before, but now that we see the green in here it makes the white trim and bead board pop! It looks so much better. I know this color green may not be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s fine. It can tend to look a little too hospital green in pictures. Once I get window treatments in here, it will look nice.

Speaking of window treatments... Adam installing some blinds. I will do some Roman shades eventually.

So far, this is all the painting we have done. It’s a lot, but we’re not finished yet. We wanted to paint the spaces we would live in the most before we moved in – kitchen, bedroom, guest bedroom – and compromised on painting the other spaces until after move in day. What’s left to paint? The pantry (it’s dirrrty), the halls – more on that later, the living room, and the closet ceiling.


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