I Like to Move It, Move It

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That’s a major lie. I HATE moving. I hate it worse than cottage cheese. It’s worse than finding toe nail clippings in the carpet. It may be worse than having one of those 24 hour stomach flus. At least those are over in 24 hours. The pain of moving is dragged out over weeks, sometimes months. All the packing, and box collecting, and address changing is so time consuming. Then there is the actual moving, the heat, the strange men picking up a box of your under things. Then the boxes and furniture are delivered in piles and heaps throughout your once empty – but clean – house. And the worst part…UNPACKING. Ugh. I will quit complaining. I know everyone else hates moving too. Unless you’re going to an exotic locale with just a knapsack, moving sucks for everyone. At least we don’t see ourselves picking up and moving again any time soon.

Adam and I finally moved into our first home last Saturday. We bought the house 3 weeks ago, but decided to do some painting and blind installation before we moved in. I wanted to be able to walk into the kitchen in my pj’s without giving the neighbors a show. You can’t blame me. And since the lease on our apartment doesn’t end until the end of July, we were in no hurry. It really did take 3 weeks to paint, install blinds, fix some outlets, clean, switch out toilet seats (a must), etc. In fact, we didn’t get to all the painting in that time. Those full-time jobs sure do put a damper on getting stuff done! Just kidding. If we didn’t work, we wouldn’t have a house. And we love our jobs.

I was pretty nervous that a 17’ truck wasn’t going to be able to hold all of this:

Almost all of the stuff... yes there was more.

Guest Room/Office at the apartment

This is what our apartment looked like for about 2 weeks except for the pile progressively expanded until we couldn’t walk to the thermostat without risking bodily injury. And these pictures don’t include the washer and dryer, the living room, or our bedroom. When Adam pulled into the parking lot at 8:30am with a 17’ truck, I was skeered. It looked so tiny. There was NO WAY everything we had would fit. But miracles of miracles, almost everything went in the truck because we hired all-star movers. (I will put their contact information at the bottom of this post.) They are A-mazing. We’ve used them 3 times and they are super cheap. We reserve and drive the truck; they do all the loading and unloading – i.e. the hard stuff. Here’s a timeline of pictures: 

20 minutes and counting…

And this is what it looked like after 45 minutes:

so empty, so sad. But Scheff looks good!


Empty Guest/Office


A few small items that wouldn't fit in the truck

They were done loading in an hour and 20 minutes even though they emptied the apartment in less than an hour. It took some time to cram it all in the truck. It was a puzzle I couldn’t solve. They ended up putting our TV in their van, which I didn’t know about until after the fact. But apparently Adam is very trusting. My paranoia conjured up the scenario of our movers peeling out of the parking lot with our flat screen and screaming, “Sayonara, suckers!”, but they didn’t. That’s because they are SUPER!

Unloading went so much quicker due to the fact that they weren’t hauling all the stuff into a 3rd floor apartment – hallelujah! I think they finished in about 30 minutes. And here is what it looked like after a 17’ truck emptied out, plus a dozen carloads over 3 weeks:

Kitchen. There's more on the near side of the peninsula.

Master Bedroom


Guest Bedroom


We have our work cut out for us. I couldn’t find my shoes this morning, we’re digging through suitcases, and the bathroom is full of mini-shampoos and travel bags. Adam mowed the lawn Sunday and re-wired some outlets (yeah, that’s my man!). It’s worth all the work, though. We’re so happy to finally be in a house. And I think I will have a difficult time not writing about all the things we are doing to it. So get used to it!

The Movers:

At Your Service Etc.


Ask for Paul


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