I Fell in Love with this Rug, with this Rug, with this Rug (to the tune of Usher’s “I Wanna Make Love in this Club”)

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I’m noticing a theme to my post titles lately. My love for hip hop/R&B is out of the closet now.

I knew I was taking a gamble when I ordered a rug for our new bedroom off the internet. But I am notorious for taking risks.……

Yeah, right.

I am a bargain hunter, though. And if this rug looked anything like it did online in person, I was getting a helluva deal. If you have never perused Overstock.com for hours like I have, then you haven’t lived yet. You can get so many different things there for bargain prices: faucets, window treatments, furniture, rugs, clothes (two of my dresses that I wore to showers for my wedding came from Overstock), dishes, doorknobs, tools, appliances, scrapbook supplies, sewing machines, galore! You can even get rubber gloves, diapers, and one of those weird ball chairs for your office. Overstock is sweet!

I was always reluctant to buy something as important as a rug on Overstock. What if it was threadbare? What if it was uhhhhgly? We would have to pay a fortune to ship it back! But when John and Sherry over at Young House Love successfully selected a big area rug for their family room off of Overstock, I knew it could be done.

Ever since we started looking for houses back in March, I have been perusing the rug collection on Overstock. You see, Overstock does not guarantee to have the same things day after day. They are called Overstock after all and that’s essentially what they have: leftover stock that’s in limited supply. So one Friday when I was searching for a living room rug, I found this baby and I knew I had to act fast. It wouldn’t work for our living room, but I thought it might do the trick in our master bedroom. We have Macy’s Hotel Collection Rings bedding which I recently discovered is being discontinued. Boo! Anyway, our bedding is this pale metallic silver with aqua blue interlocking rings. Our walls are a pale aqua blue as well.  I really wasn’t sure what I was looking for in a rug. I thought about jute or sisal, but I didn’t think the natural look would pair well with dark furniture and silver bedding. Then I thought about one of those super plush Flokati wool rugs in white or cream. But I’m afraid that would stick out and not blend with the smooth geometry of the bedding and the cool colors. Plus, Flokati wool requires special maintenance. You can’t just run any ole vacuum over it. I know I didn’t want a solid blue or gray rug because it would be obvious if it didn’t match. So basically, I had no idea what I wanted, but figured I’d know what I wanted when I saw it. Sound familiar?

When I found this cream and gray rug with a modern damask design I was all aquiver at the image of the bedroom trifecta I had in my mind: beautiful, modern bedding – check; slightly more traditional, color-complementary rug – nearly a check; silk panel curtains in silver or blue – no check yet. I’m so tempted to make a joke about rugs and drapes, but I won’t go there… Hehe. Now a few things about our rug:

  • 8 x 11 – a good size for a queen bed
  • Super cheap for the size – $330 and FREE shipping – it’s since gone up a little bit in price (yay me!)
    • Side note: I’ve been looking at area rugs on all sorts of websites and in Dalton, GA, the carpet capital of the world, and the average price of a rug this size can be $600+. If it’s made of superior materials, they usually start at $1,000.
    • Modern take on a traditional damask design – bringing in some understated tradition to our contemporary bedding
    • The gray is actually a silvery blue – PERFECT for our bedding
    • The description states that the rug is poly-acrylic and wool. I was confused. I’m fine with having an acrylic rug in the master because it really won’t have much foot traffic whereas a living room rug would have to endure the repeated treading stomping of feet and paws. But if it turned out to be wool, I would have been quite pleased with myself. It didn’t. Oh well…
    • Had fantastic reviews

A huge thanks goes to my husband who gave the final nod of approval and risked having to ship back 70 pounds of design disappointment. He was so easy-going about it, as usual, and seemed to like it himself. It arrived at our apartment approximately 2 days before we closed on our house. So my darling husband lugged the 70 pound beaut down three flights of stairs at the apartment to the car and inside the house up another set of half-stairs. Bless him. If it had been just me, I would have rolled it onto a tarp and drug the thing all the way to the house up Peachtree Road. (I was preparing for this just in case Adam told me he wanted to wait for the movers to do it.) I had to have the rug over at the house pronto because Adam did not want to unwrap/unroll it until it reached its final destination. I simply had to see it in all its glory. So here he is in an empty bedroom mostly unfurled.

Looking good, right? He looks a little more blue in these pictures than he is in person; he is a bit more gray.

And here he is after move-in day underneath our bed. Excuse the lack of curtains, wall décor, etc. We have quite a bit of work to do in here still.

Note that these pictures were taken with a lower quality camera. The rug looks very pale in these shots, but it’s darker than the bedding giving the room some contrast. The gray in the rug is more of a graphite and the bedding is a very pale platinum, almost pearl, with aqua rings. The rings on the bedding aren’t as defined in real life either and you can see the blue more. Trust me. The rug and the bed look divine together. Not busy and washed-out like these pictures.

I think I did pretty well on this one. In fact, I’m patting myself on the back right now. Has anyone else taken the plunge and purchased big items over the internet? Once, I accidentally bought a $2,000 TV on Amazon. Luckily, I corrected my mistake after I looked at my order confirmation. They send those for a reason, you know. Anyway… Have you bought area rugs or furniture or other scary items that most sane people like to examine in person before purchasing?


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