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Yep, I’m back already. Here’s a short little story that I had to share since I’m all about Overstock these days.

I got Adam a present. Yes, it’s from Overstock. No, I don’t have a problem.

He’s been wanting one of these for years. He wanted to register for one when we got married. I wouldn’t let him because I thought it was silly to register for this particular item, let alone that it retailed for over $100. He had one at a condo he shared with some friends in grad school. Unfortunately, it wasn’t his. We’ve both been looking around for them at every department and home improvement store we go to. The dollar sign$ were too many. We kept holding off. Yes, I threw up a $ as an S. I’m cool like that. So what, pray tell, is this present?

Well, you have to keep it a secret because Adam doesn’t know yet. He’ll find out this evening, hopefully before he reads this blog.










the Jedi of all garbage cans

Why it’s a motion-sensitive garbage can!!!! Look Ma! No hands! Some critics out there may say that this is such a waste. No pun intended. Or that it’s another piece of technology that will break. But we know from experience that you get used to having this silver Yoda around. It sure is nice when you’re cooking and you have your hands full. You just stand in front of Yoda and he opens right up. You don’t have to worry about putting something down, messing up the lid, or banging the swinging lid into the cabinet behind it – which is what happens now.  At $48, it’s a much more affordable option than installing a $1,000 trash compactor. And Charlie Sheen, eat your heart out because I’m winning again. This product is now $60 on Overstock. If anyone has remedial math skills like me, that means I saved $12 or 20%. At Macy’s or BBB, it retails for over $100. I cannot stomach paying $100 for a garbage can even if it does have “the force”.
So that’s my random present to Adam. I got him a garbage can. I think he’s going to love it!
Did you know that Adam has never seen the old Star Wars movies, Episodes IV-VI? I’ve seen them all, multiple times. How’s that for weird?

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