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Tickled Pink

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I thought I’d be back this week with a post about a little project I’ve been working on inspired by Pinterest. It’s not finished yet. Well, my part is done. I’m still persuading Adam that hanging almost a dozen square objects in a grid on our wall is time well-spent after working on his feet for 9+ hours. I’d do it myself, but I don’t think he trusts me to get it right and he’d rather not have a bunch of extra holes in our solid wood paneling. He’s so unreasonable. (that was sarcasm.) I still love him though. Adam made me a promise last week that he would hang at least one thing a night for me. And he’s kept it. He’s a keeper. But this promise is slowly morphing into hanging any darn thing he can find before he has to hang my little project. I do understand his reluctance. It may take him about an hour of precious time to hang a bunch of square boards. That’s not very exciting or relaxing. I hope to be back in a few days with all the details. I know you’re dying to find out what I’ve been up to. Right…

On to more finished matters… In case you don’t remember, our hall bath looked like this when we moved in:

Soothing, right? They say that pink induces sleep. In fact, some athletic organizations paint the visitor’s locker room pink. That’s playing dirty, I say. And that’s probably not news to most of you, but I stopped playing organized sports when I was 10 years old.

So our hall bath is pretty horrendous. Some people actually like it. Crazy, huh? My dad pointed out that all of the tiles and grout are in great condition, especially for ca. 1964, and that we should reconsider demolishing this space because there is nothing wrong with it. Ha! While he does have a point, it has wrong written all over it. In pink.

We’re not doing any major projects anytime soon though. We’d like to finish unpacking and settle in. Also, living in our house for a few months so we can actually experience what we may need in a redesign project sounds like a good idea.

A couple of weeks ago, we had about 20 people over for my 25th birthday party. We’d only been in the house for 2 weeks, so there were still a lot of boxes to be unpacked, pictures to be hung, etc. I knew that I wanted to do something with our hall bath since our guests would be using it. But what do you do to improve its looks without a sledgehammer, a crowbar, and some moolah? Well if you can’t fight ‘em, join ‘em!

This mini-makeover cost us $0. Yep. I’m awesome. I already had the girly shower curtain and the polka-dot towels from my post-college, pre-marriage life. The bath mat and trash bin are from college. I had the artwork on my dresser, but decided the vanity in here needed a little sumpin’, sumpin’. And the guest towels on the counter were a wedding present. Yes, it’s girly. Adam hated it at first. I still don’t think he’s too fond of it. But embracing the pink and tempering it with some lime green seemed like the best strategy. I wasn’t alone in my thinking either. There were plenty of party guests, mostly women, who told me what a good job I did and that it didn’t look near as bad as the pictures they’d seen when we first moved in. A couple of people actually squealed about how cute it was!

So there you go. There are cheap ways to make an ugly space look better. There are also expensive ways too. We plan to avoid the expensive stuff for awhile. Well, except for this fall when we have some major yard overhauling to do.

Guess what? My handsome and talented husband is going to be writing a post in the near future. This blog is titled the Newlywed Narrative afterall. The other newlywed should be featured. So, stay tuned. I have no idea what he’s going to write about. Probably some manly stuff like re-wiring outlets, installing light fixtures, or fixing our garbage disposal for the umpteenth time. I hope he doesn’t write about the garbage disposal, unless it involves chucking it out the window.

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Wife Home Alone = TROUBLE

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Adam left me home alone a few weekends ago when he went to visit his family. I couldn’t go since I don’t have too many vacation days left this year and want to save some for the holidays. So I sent Adam on his merry way while I conjured up what to do all by myself.

So whatever did I do in a new house whilst my husband was hundreds of miles away? What any nice gal would do: I tackled some home improvement projects so I could surprise my dear, sweet guy when he came home.

1. Planting in the Planters – the previous owners left over a dozen planters of various shapes, sizes, and materials scattered throughout the yard. Some even had living plants in them. Most did not.

I took a planter inventory and went to Lowes for the goods. I got a mixture of colorful leaf plants and flowers that will stand up to the Georgia heat and my novice gardening skills.

I also got some soil too – a 64 quart bag of soil. It was heavy.The thought didn’t occur to me that I would be the one responsible for getting all that dirt where it needed to be.

On Sunday, I set up shop on the patio with the garden hose and my new nozzle – woo hoo! I gathered all my planters and staged different arrangements with all of the plants before I started digging.

all the plants waiting to be planted

figuring out what I want in each pot

my little fake froggy friend that I found and have not (miraculously) named yet

From the time I sat down on the patio to completion, it took about 90 minutes. And here is the final product!

Pretty great for only a little amount of time and money.

2. Painting and Staining a Door

Before the Makeover

The color of these steel doors in our living room was an eyesore. I think this blue-gray was the color they came in and it did not match our red pine wood paneling. I thought this would be a quick fix, but I ran into a little problem. See this annoyance here:

Yeah, goo from velcro that the previous owners used for mounting their curtains. It took about an hour to get off. Not fun. These are all the chemicals I used:

Goo gone, mineral spirits, a sponge dipped in warm water, and after 30 minutes, I went a little rogue and used a steel scourer – very gently.

I took it upon myself to buy a quart of chocolate brown satin paint when I was at Lowe’s getting the plants. It took two coats, and I had to touch up some spots that peeled away when I took the tape off. I think the paint doesn’t stick as well  to steel as it does to sheetrock. Fingers crossed that it holds up for a while.

On Sunday, I tackled the door frame around the same door. You may have noticed in the previous pictures that it was unfinished. My Dad brought over some Ipswich Pine-colored stain the week before. I used a foam brush that I could throw away when finished. I tested a small section near the floor to make sure the color was close to the wall. And it was! I applied a coat of stain to one section at a time and wiped away the excess with an old tee-shirt. If you don’t do this, your stain may be uneven and will take forever to dry. To simplify, I started on the left side of the door and stained that piece of molding, wipe. Moved to the top piece, stain and wipe. Moved to the piece on the right, stain and wipe.

 Lucky me because it was the right color with only one coat. I waited a few hours for the stain to dry and broke out the poly late Sunday afternoon. I applied one coat of poly with a new foam brush and that’s all she took. I forgot to take some final pictures, but here is one from my birthday and you can see the door in the background. Check out my new do!

I plan to make some panel curtains for these windows and the others in the room, but one step at a time, people.

3. Bathroom Space Saver – I don’t think I’ve mentioned that our master bathroom is rather small. Well, it’s quite tiny. Our house was built in the 1960s when men and women did not get ready at the same time to go to work because most women didn’t work, so bathrooms were smaller. That’s my theory. To compare though, our master bathroom is one of the largest we saw in the many houses we looked at from the mid-century. And we have another 1.5 bathrooms in case we find that it’s too close for comfort in there. There may be a bathroom expansion project down the road, but for now I wanted to make it as functional as possible. Enter the Bathroom Space Saver aka the “over the commode load abode”. That was a riff on bras. You know “over the shoulder boulder holder”? I crack myself up. Anyhoo, I went to Target for this item because they had the best options out of BBB, IKEA, and Wal-mart. So here is what I chose:

This thing was HEAV-Y. Luckily there was a nice, beefy gentleman looking at the same product and I sweet-talked him into getting it off the shelf and putting it in my cart. Thank goodness he was there. It was God that helped me get it in my trunk and out in the garage floor. I had to open it up and carry it piece by piece into the house. I really missed my man for all the heavy lifting I was doing.

I put this beast together all by myself on Sunday morning. It was my church. Don’t worry; I talked to Jesus a lot during the agonizing time it took to assemble. It took me FOUR HOURS. That’s longer than any church I’ve been to. And I’m embarrassed. At least I was smart enough to put it together in the bedroom floor so I didn’t have to move it very far once it was assembled. But it was still a pain in the rear.

Why did it take so long? Well, we just moved so all of the tools are scattered throughout the house. So once I hunted down the drill and got back to the bedroom with it, I realized I needed a hammer. And then the search for the hammer took 20 minutes… This happened for all 10 items I needed. Ugh! Also, there is hardly any space between the toilet and the vanity on the left, or the wall on the right. Wedging the legs and horizontal support in there took some creativity. I had to thread the support behind the toilet and around the pipe and take the bit out of the screwdriver to screw it in because there wasn’t enough space to use the whole screwdriver. Yeah, I was MacGyver. Later I discovered I could take the tank lid off of the toilet and carefully lift the legs out from behind. I’m smart… And the dummies that wrote the instructions have you put together the whole top and then lift it to put it on the legs. STUPID. It’s freakin’ heavy. They should have you assemble it on the legs, over the toilet, so little people like me don’t have to pick up a 50 lb. cabinet and line it up on some wood pegs and cam bolts. But victory prevailed. And it looks goooood, as do my triceps. I plan to frost the glass doors because I don’t want to worry about how the inside looks all the time.

Not huge makeovers by any means, but it is nice to get a few of those small projects finished. And it may seem like that wasn’t a whole lot of stuff, but it ate up my entire weekend, including early mornings. That’s love. Adam was very appreciative when he got home, especially when he had to help me put on the cabinet doors and bolt the shelf to the wall. I’m nothing but thorough when it comes to getting things done by myself.

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My 25th Berfday

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My fantastic husband threw me a 25th birthday party in our new backyard last weekend. Never mind that we only moved in two weeks before and the inside of the house looks like the worst kind of chaos you’ve ever seen. We still wanted to have our nearest and dearest over so we could break-in the backyard. And our friends aren’t the stuffy type that would turn their noses up at a bunch of cardboard boxes and bubble wrap in our living room. Unfortunately, we don’t have any pictures of the party. I was too busy wearing my b-day tiara and having fun to snap photos.

We kept it pretty casual. Beverages were beer, sodas, water, and spiked lemonade. For food, we had grilled pork tenderloin, this amazing mac ‘n cheese from Bon Appetit, and … we also went and got a Bocce Ball set so we could have fun and GAMES. We know how to party! My parents also came for the shindig, providing much of the meal and the cake and the hands-on help that is necessary when you have 20 people over at the same time.

I love having casual get togethers with friends and family where you can visit for as long as you want, spread out, eat, drink, laugh, and there isn’t a bill at the end of the night. We are so blessed to have such great friends and family nearby. We know that there’s always someone to listen, help out with something, pick us up if we’re stranded, etc. Thanks, friends. Thanks for coming to my partay. Adam deserves all my hugs and kisses for such a special day. He’s pretty awesome. I’m glad you’re mine.

Oh yeah. Adam gave me this shiny, new toy for my 25th.

my hybrid bicycle. it goes real fast

It’s sweet. And mommy and daddy gave me a sewing machine. This one to be exact.

it sews and embroiders and has an lcd touch screen. i just need to figure out how to thread the needle... among other things.

And mommy and daddy-in-law gave me a very generous gift card to DSW. It will be used soon. Shoes are my weakness.

I’m sure I’ll let you know how the sewing goes. I’m excited to see what I can do with my snazzy machine! I’m hoping I can sew some panel curtains and throw pillow covers. If you’re nice, I may embroider a kitty on a tote bag for you.

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