Life Lessons Learned from Our Lake Weekend

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About a month ago, we rented a lake house with 3 other couples on Lake Burton in the north Georgia mountains. It was so much fun! We boated around the lake all day Saturday, rode the Ski-bob, floated/swam in the lake, and laid out on the dock. At night we played card games and roasted marshmallows. It was such a nice getaway and a great time spent with friends. However, as a newlywed and lifetime lake-goer there are always lessons to be learned …

Life Lesson #1: For the sake of your marriage, don’t drive on unfamiliar, windy mountain roads that wrap around a body of water in pitch black. Come to find out I wasn’t the only one with white knuckles and rapid breathing out of our group of couples. All my girlfriends wanted to kiss the ground when they got out of the car. I never once said anything to Adam. Well, maybe once. But he could still hear my sighing and see me gripping the dashboard with one arm and the door with the other. Apparently, it wasn’t helpful. And driving on curvy roads in the dark makes the drive seem 3 times longer than it actually is.

Life Lesson #2: Speaking of a longer drive…Don’t trust your out-of-date GPS to get you to your backwoods destination in North Georgia with no cell phone service. It would be easy for me to blame Adam on this one. He’s the one that didn’t want to pay $50 to update my Garmin. Alas, I should have just printed out some maps or something. We ended up turning off the highway on the other end of the u-shaped road our house was off of. We had to drive 5 mph for 5 miles on a dirt road with ruts, no light and steep cliffs. It was scary. It was frustrating. We thought we were almost there. We had no cell phone signal to call to see if we were almost there. The gas light came on. Bugs the size of softballs were colliding with our windshield. We could see the erratic flight of a couple dozen winged rodents. And our patience was already gone.

Life Lesson #3: Don’t suck any lake water up your nose. The brain-eating amoeba may attack. I don’t mean to be insensitive. I think 3 people have died this year from amoebas that thrive in warm fresh water. It is a serious thing to be concerned about. Hopefully, the water in Lake Burton was too cold for them. It was less than 80 degrees. I think we’re safe by now. But I’m certain all of us sucked some up our nose except for the dog. Leo was the only one with any sense. We’ll keep you posted if we have any symptoms.

Life Lesson #4: Reapply your sunscreen after swimming, especially if you haven’t been outside all year because you’ve been painting the inside of your house. Good one, Meredith. My back was pretty red. You’d think at 25 years old I would have figured this one out by now.

Life Lesson #5: Don’t think you can hold on to the ski-rope handle when Ski-bobbing. Case in point:

And you’ll see that this is where I sucked water up my nose.

Aren’t Ashleigh’s camera skills Oscar worthy? She does offer quite the hilarious summary when she says “Mission Failed”, but my film editor cut that out.

Our lake weekend was fantastic. I think we tend to forget to take a break from our crazy lives. It was a much needed vacation and we’ll have a lot of memories. Memories of campfires and s’mores, Egyptian Rat Screw and Apples to Apples, good food, good fun, deadly microscopic water creatures, huge spiders, fish that bite your arse (true story), never-ending windy roads, and the 12th time’s a charm when boarding a Ski-bob.


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