The Trifecta

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This post is about curtains so if you’d rather read about running, cooking, making stuff that doesn’t require a sewing machine, or painting, this post isn’t it. I’m all about some curtains right now.

I got lucky with the master bedroom curtains. Bed, Bath and Beyond happened to have just what I wanted in stock nearby. Oftentimes, what I want simply doesn’t exist, which is why I’m learning to sew.

We had some gift cards leftover from our wedding, and Christmas, and um, myhighschoolgraduation. Yeah, I should clean out my wallet… So we saved some money, which is always a good thing. I bought the curtain rods at Lowe’s though I tried to use ones I already had. They weren’t long enough. But I get an A for effort.

Side Note: The Previous Home Owners left quite a few window treatments. We are keeping some of them, but most of them were pretty ugly and don’t match our décor. In fact, the only curtains I plan to reuse are these:

on closing day...

I hope to use these in one of our guest rooms. I’m considering dyeing them a chocolate brown and sewing a bottom color block on the bottom 3 feet or so. More on that adventure later…

And what you’ve been waiting for… Here are the master bedroom curtains. Drumroll please….

I now have my bedroom trifecta of bedding, rug, and drapes. Woo-hoo! Let’s bask in the ease of buying something at the store. It is sooooo underrated. Believe me. I suffered through a week of sewing 6 7-foot tall curtain panels. Not the most complicated project, but oh so time consuming. Anyway, I love, love, LOVE the color palette in our bedroom: cool blues and soothing grays and platinums. It’s so spa like. I was nervous about the blue drape on a blue wall, but I think it looks niiiiice. I’m a sucker for tone on tone.

Notice how high we hung them? I like my curtains pretty high. I think they’re about 5 inches from the ceiling. It definitely adds height to the room. We hung them about 10 inches out from each side of the windows. You can see that the left curtain panel is behind our headboard on the window near the bed. When we first moved in I was annoyed that the off-center window was going to throw off anything I wanted to do over the headboard. But I decided there wasn’t much I could do. The way the furniture is now is the only way it will work due to the placement of doors and windows in here. Plus, I’ve come up with a plan that will embrace all that asymmetry. I’m sure I’ll let you know what that is once it’s closer to fruition.

The curtains are a tad formal with those French pleats. But the lack of a valance brings the formality down a notch. Over time, I plan to bring in an eclectic mix of artwork – by yours truly, local artists, and those fantastic people on Etsy – to dilute the formal mood. We also have them pooling on the floor for a more dramatic look. Some people don’t like that, but I think it works for a bedroom. I would be wary if I let my curtains pool on the floor in a high traffic area.

Never fear! This is just the first post of a 2 part series on curtains! Next time, I’ll go on forever and ever about the curtains I made all by myself. I’m so proud.

UPDATE: Since these pictures were taken, we’ve acquired 3 new pillows for the bed. Yesss! My pillow purchasing habits have resulted in a throw pillow moratorium in our house right now. I’m sure I’ll get some pictures up of the room as it progresses.


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