A Fall Wreath and Other Related Projects

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The DIY in me has emerged. My inner craftiness has been dormant for so long. It’s such a relief to finally let it all out. Now that we have a house where there’s room to store craft supplies and easily display craft projects, there’s no holding this chick back from making pillow covers, table runners, leaf art, and wreaths. So get your glue guns out and your wire cutters ready, because the holidays are upon us (Happy Halloween!) and we’s gots some craftin’ to do!

This post is brought to you via Pinterest inspiration, or shall I say Pinspiration? Sounds sweaty…


  1. Grapevine wreath or similar
  2. 2 yards of burlap
  3. Wooden letter of your choosing
  4. Paint for wooden letter
  5. Glitter spray paint
  6. Wheat or straw or something earthy
  7. Ribbon in a fall color scheme
  8. Fake flowers
  9. Beaded wire
  10. Floral wire
  11. Scissors

I got all my materials at Michaels except for the burlap. I purchased that at Hancocks. By the way, my Hancocks Fabrics has some lights out in their sign for the letters H, A, and N. It makes for an interesting store front… I’m so immature sometimes.

This wreath is fairly simple. I cut out 4” wide strips of burlap and accordion folded them. I placed them on the wreath form to figure out how many strips I needed. I needed 4. I still had a little bit of a gap, but that’s okay because that’s where I put my flowers.

Once I accordion folded a strip, I stuck some floral wire through it and secured both ends to the wreath, spreading out the burlap to the desired length and volume. I did this for all of the strips.

When it came to my flower bundle, I gathered the blooms into a compact bouquet and wrapped floral wire around the stems as close to the blooms as possible. I used wire cutters to cut off the excess stems. I used floral wire to secure the bouquet in the lower left portion of my wreath.

For the wheat and the beaded wire, I experimented around with different arrangements until I found something I liked. Then, I cut everything to the proper length and used… you guessed it… floral wire to secure in place. The great thing about the burlap is that it can hide all the ends of your decorations if you position them underneath the folds.

I painted my letter with two coats of bright orange paint and let it dry. Then, I took it outside on some newspaper and sprayed it with 2 light coats of gold glitter spray paint. I won’t lie. It was fun. Who doesn’t like glitter? Who doesn’t like spray paint? Whoever decided to combine them is a genius and sounds like a really fun person. I let it dry overnight. The next day I used my fall ribbon (which I got on sale in the Christmas section – go figure) to secure the letter in the middle of the wreath by tying it underneath the burlap at the top of the wreath.

And here is my version:

Me likey. The sparkly orange S really stands out from the street. One of these days I’m going to get a spotlight we can put in the yard so it’s easier to see the wreaths I hang up around the holidays.

And just for kicks, here is the table runner I whipped up last week:

I set the table all pretty for these pictures. Believe me, it’s not always like that.  The runner is double-sided in case you didn’t catch that. Fall leaves are on one side, gobbling turkeys on the other. Yay me!

Oh! And some cupcakes I made for all of our work colleagues:


Happy fall! Happy Halloween! Can you tell it’s my favorite time of the year?


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Am wanting to make the burlap wreath. I have found 4″ burlap, and would like to know how much yardage you think I would need. You said you cut 4″ strips and you needed 4 of them. Do you know how long each was? Thanks!

Hi Candy,

I think I only purchased a yard of burlap. It was around 50″ wide. Once you cut it in 4″ strips, you’ll have more than enough burlap for a wreath and some left over for another project!I used our leftover burlap to create a burlap monogram board and a Christmas tree skirt.


Not quite sure how to figure out the yardage from that, since you bought it by the yard. What I have found is 4 inches wide that comes in 10 yards. Would you suggest I purchase two of those, or do you think one would be enough? Thanks again!

Depends on the diameter of your wreath. In general, you should be fine with 5-6 yds of 4″ wide strips. You will probably have a little leftover. I hope this helps!

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