Wow! That’s a lot of Progress!

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It’s November almost December and the home-related projects still exist, but we’re tackling them a bit slower due to lack of daylight and BO. That’s burnout, people. And in case you’re wondering why we may be burned out, we’ve had a pretty eventful Summer/Fall:

  • Closed on our house
  • Painted 2 bedrooms, the kitchen, the living room, a closet, a pantry, and we’re working on the halls
  • Installed some blinds
  • Made, bought, and hung curtains and rods for the master and the den
  • Acquired new throw pillows for the bed and the sofa
  • Made some throw pillow covers
  • Made a fall wreath and table runner
  • Planted flowers in assorted pots
  • Ripped down the playground
  • Dug/chopped up a bush
  • Seeded for grass
  • Ripped out ivy
  • Painted and stained door and trim in den
  • Moved in our house – that’s a BIG one
  • Made some artwork
  • Started stenciling the wall — very hard to see in pictures

  • Removed the rose garden, graded the slope, and planted Camellias – more on that coming soon

  • Purchased and installed a new light fixture in master bath
  • Spray painted a floor lamp and dressed it up with a new shade
  • Purchased and assembled a storage cabinet for master bath
  • Patched and painted over various holes in the wall from pictures and shelves
  • Installed lighting over kitchen sink and under overhead kitchen cabinets
  • Got a new kitchen table and chairs from Adam’s parents

Looking back, that’s a lot of accomplishments for two people with full time jobs and pretty full social lives, in my humble opinion. Naturally, we’re exhausted and lacking inspiration. And we’re less ignorant of the amount of work it takes to do things. Therefore, we’re not as motivated or excited to tackle the next big project. Besides, we have been spending a lot of time in the yard this fall. I have blisters from the leaf blower and the rake. Fun times. We live in Georgia and do not have a single pine tree in our yard. How weird is that? I swear every tree we have loses it’s leaves. It’s a constant battle from October to December. Don’t believe me?

This is our deck – under 6 inches of leaves.

And the backyard. This was 3 days before we raked. It got worse. I don’t know how that’s possible. The oak trees still have about a third of their leaves left.

Soon, we’ll hunker down for winter and it will be easier to find time to do a few of the smaller things on my short-term wish list:

  • Make curtains for the kitchen – I have purchased the fabric, but my sewing machine and I are having tension issues. Ugh!
  • Finish stenciling accent wall in living room – this is painful
  • Finish painting halls – 2 down, 1 to go
  • Make curtains for guest room
  • Hang things on the walls for goodness sakes!
  • Treat deck
  • Furniture shopping
  • Buy grill

And while we’re still checking the small stuff off the list, we’re starting to seriously think about the BIG projects. We’ve lived in this house for 4 months now. We’re unpacked except for one measly box. (Yes, it’s been sitting in the corner of our living room untouched all this time.) We have a routine. We have a better understanding of what we’re lacking, what we’d like, and how flexible our house/layout would be to change. So in the next few weeks I’ll be sharing what we’re dreaming up. We’re not ready to pull the trigger on any big project yet. Some of these ideas will take time, thoughtful planning, resources, and require the advice of professionals. But we’re totally excited about DOING a lot of the work ourselves. A sampling of the BIG ideas in our heads:

  • Adding more shelves and functionality to the laundry area along with a utility sink and additional lighting
  • Master bathroom and hall bathroom re-do
  • Total kitchen re-do that will most likely require some load bearing walls to come down. Ai yai yai!
  • Running a gas line to the stump of a lamppost we have now and topping it off with a lamp
  • Landscaping the slope in the backyard formerly covered in ivy with various shrubs and ground cover

I’ll be back with the deets on all of the above in due time. We’re looking forward to slowing down for the rest of year. We plan to start more projects in 2012.


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