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Our bedroom has come a long way since we bought our house. It used to be pink and empty. We recently discovered the can of pink paint in the garage. It was $2 oops paint. Yeah, that God-awful color was an accident. I felt vindicated that it was a fugly mistake because I whined about how horrible it was for so long. We’re assuming that the previous owners were told to paint everything to give it a fresh look, but they went for the most hideous colors ever accidentally made on the Oops paint shelf in Home Depot. Thanks, guys.

I’ve chronicled all the improvements we’ve made to the room: rug, curtains, DIY painting. We also bought new lampshades and some more pillows for the bed despite Adam’s protests. What can I say? There’s no such thing as too many throw pillows. But the room is still lacking. We’d like to get a bench to go at the end of the bed. I saw this cool idea on Pinterest for that!

As I’ve mentioned before, the off-center window on the wall behind our bed bothered me at first. I realized pretty quickly that there wasn’t anything I could do about it but embrace it. The previous owners left these shelves hanging on the living room wall.

These are all their furnishings. This room looks completely different now. One day I’ll share.

When we removed them, we found about 3 times as many holes where they drilled into the wrong place. Awesome. I decided that the 2 shorter shelves would be perfect to hang over our bed. I was inspired by these images found on Pinterest, of course:

I had Adam get some ½” molding, stain it with the Ebony stain we already had and attach it to the top of the shelves with wood glue and clamps.

That way when we prop things up against the wall on the shelves, they won’t slide forward and pelt us in the middle of the night. You can’t even see the molding when the shelves are hanging anyway. Perfecto!

We hung the shelves on the wall behind our headboard in between the bed spindle and the left curtain panel on the window, filling in the blank space. I went to IKEA and bought some white frames. In them, I framed special photos and mementos. After several attempts, I got the arrangement of the frames to my liking.

I also added some quick homemade art:

Burlap Monogram

This was very easy. I had a leftover square of wood from my tile project. I had leftover burlap from my wreath project. I used a staple gun to attach the burlap to the backside of the wood after I pulled it taut. Remember that S I used in the fall wreath? I traced it on the burlap before I painted it orange back in September. I think ahead like that. With some white acrylic craft paint, I filled it in with a sponge brush. Voila!

Raised Letters on Canvas

This idea came from Pinterest as well. I purchased a canvas and wooden letters at Michaels along with some metallic paint. I first painted the letters white since I couldn’t find any in white. Then I painted them with the metallic paint and arranged them how I wanted them on the canvas. I used krazy glue to attach them and let them cure overnight. I like how I painted the O gold, like a wedding ring. I’m an artistic genius.

The rest of the items on the shelf are little knick knacks to add some interest. So there you have it: the space over our bed is finished.

Our room key envelope from the Ritz-Carlton where we stayed on our wedding night.

One of our favorite candid shots from the wedding

A recap of what we’d still like to do in the master:

1. Switch out nightstands for something with drawers and a larger top

2. Find and hang artwork over Adam’s dresser

3. Find or make bench to go at the end of our bed

4. Buy a floor mirror to prop against the wall near the bathroom

5. Switch all almond colored outlets out for white ones

Long-term goals:

1. Re-do/expand the master bath

2. Add crown molding


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