Crepe Murder

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We committed what Adam believes to be Crepe Murder a few weekends ago. I disagree. It was painful, but it needed to be done.

I don’t have many “before” pictures. So sorry, peeps. I was too busy holding the ladder my husband was on and dodging falling tree limbs. One caught me on the arm – nasty bruise. Ouchy. But Adam got nailed in the chest at least twice. Landscape at your own risk.

This picture is the best I have to show you how big this tree was before its haircut.

See that one limb Adam has yet to cut? The whole tree was about that size – approximately 40 feet tall. We practically cut it in half – with our bare hands. Well, we cut it in half without the use of power tools. And when I say “we”, I really mean my dear, sweet husband.

It took about 2 hours. Adam lopped off as many branches as he could. For the ones that were too thick, he used a pull saw. For branches he couldn’t reach from the ladder, he climbed up in the tree. I gathered all the fallen limbs and branches, cut some of them shorter and stacked them in a massive pile.

See our trash pile?

Oh Lordy! We were on pins and needles all week hoping the county would take it. And they did. I swear they’ll take a dead animal as long as you leave it on the curb.

For those of you that don’t know – and I didn’t until we acquired a yard – crepe myrtles are supposed to be cut back nearly every year in mid-February (at least in Georgia). It looks like our crepe myrtle hasn’t been cut back in years. (Lots of things haven’t been done to our yard in years, but that’s another story for another day.) It’s the largest tree of its kind I’ve ever seen. We did our research and we knew were supposed to cut the branches a little above where they split into a v. We are slightly concerned we cut it too far back. But it didn’t split into too many v’s above the point where we whacked it. We’ll let you know how it looks come spring, but I’m glad it’s shorter. It was getting awfully close to our power lines.

We have big plans for the yard in 2012:

  1. Re-seeding grass (again)
  2. Landscaping the slope that was formerly host to a TON of Old English Ivy
  3. Installing a fence
  4. Landscaping around the mailbox and making repairs
  5. Cutting back the azaleas (they are crazy)

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