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Mason the Labradoodle, Our New Best Friend

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Adam and I will be bringing our new, furry bundle of joy home in less than 1 week. It’s unreal! We’ve been to visit the little critters three times! I can’t deny myself time with a litter of puppies. Who can?


We went back this weekend to finally pick our puppy. Last week was nerve-wracking. I was so nervous we wouldn’t get our first pick. (Let’s be real. I was freaking out.) We will welcome our new family member this Saturday! Since pictures say more than words, here is a sneak peek at what our newest family member looks like.


Not him, but his cute little sister

So the new member of the family is….


He was our first pick and he’s beautiful. He has a great little personality too. His coloring is dark apricot, but if he takes after his daddy he may darken to a red and lighten again with some highlights. He already has goggles (pale coloring around the eyes), a light chest, and a few white feet. He really is as soft as he looks. And though it doesn’t seem possible, he’s even cuter in person.

I brought him Mr. Moose, his future bed buddy, to play with. Mr. Moose was almost as big as Mason, and about the same color. How cute. He gnawed on Mr. Moose’s antlers a little bit, but he was pretty tired.

I will be back next week with tons of pictures (and probably the week after that and the week after that). Here’s some more pictures to get us through the week:

In case anyone is wondering what we are doing to get ready for our puppy, here’s the brief rundown after we did breed research and selected our breeder:

  1. Read At the Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell
  2. Reading How to Behave so Your Dog Behaves by Sophia Yin
  3. Purchased wire crate with divider panel
  4. Purchased fleece pad for crate (eventually he will use this)
  5. Purchased training treats and bully sticks (the breeder is sending us home with a few days’ supply of food)
  6. Purchased a bed
  7. Cleaned off old puppy gates from my parents
  8. Purchased Nature’s Miracle, bitter spray, and toys
  9. Made a vet appointment for next week
  10. Still need to get a puppy collar and id tag
  11. Breeder will give us leash
  12. Need to get an ex pen for days we can’t make it home for a few hours
  13. May get a long lead for him until we get a fence
  14. Installing a fence is on the short to-do list
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Purple Hall Walls

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Guess what we discovered on the final walk-through of our house 48-hours before closing (and nearly a year ago)? Don’t worry. It wasn’t Holmes on Homes worthy. There was no mold, no clogged plumbing, no foundation cracks, no “eh’s?” or “ruffs” or “ooots”. (Just a little Canadian humor for ‘ya. Am I the only one that notices that on HGTV?) But it was pretty ghastly.

Do you see it? How about a few more pictures?

How about this for comparison?

Um… yeah… Purple Hall Walls. They may be worse than Purple People Eaters. At least there’s a catchy little song for the monsters that brings me back. The previous homeowners decided to paint E.V.E.R.Y hall this color. That’s 3 halls, folks: basement, main, and upstairs. Ohhh la la. On a day in our house, we noticed that the halls fluctuated from lavender gray to puce to garish pink. Yum. I know everyone dreams of puce walls.

But after we went on a painting marathon of 3.5 rooms (closets get halfsies) in 5 days, we were too tired to even attempt to cover the purple abomination. That’s tired. Also, I knew that painting the halls before move-in day could be counter-productive since they would get scuffed. Therefore, we waited to tackle the Purple Hall Walls until after we moved in and got settled. Plus, this intimidated us slightly:

I told Adam we could harness him in and I’d be his belayer. I was certified given a nod of approval from an activities director not long ago 10 years ago when I was a camp counselor. Yes, they thought my 100 pound, 15-year-old self could belay my campers: 150+ pound teenage boys. I had to anchor myself to a railroad tie. That was bolted into the ground. See, don’t send your kids to camp. I might accidentally kill them.

Predictably, Adam declined my generous offer and used his handy combination ladder (that he LOVES) to get to that hard-to-reach place for cutting-in. I used the step ladder at the top of the stairs and a telescoping pole to roll. It was a little spooky.

Our fear of that wall wasn’t the only thing that stopped us. In the 9 months we’ve had the house, every other project that was on our list seemed way more appealing. I painted the living room, started stenciling it, painted the kitchen pantry, made a bajillion things like curtains and throw pillows and table runners and wreaths. I did not want to paint these halls. We raked leaves, cleaned gutters, chopped up bushes, planted flowers, seeded for grass, ripped out ivy. But we ignored the purple hall walls…

So after a very long time here is the finished product. Let’s not ignore the fact that we took our time here. I painted the entryway hall Labor Day Weekend. We painted the basement hall before Thanksgiving, and we finished the upstairs hall in March. There was a lot of cutting in and edging involved. Halls are known for those pesky doorways. But we tackled the project one hallway at a time.

The halls are Behr’s Parchment in eggshell. They are the same color as the living room. You won’t believe how much lighter the house is with crisp cream paint versus dingy grayish purple. During the day, I can see in the upstairs hallway without having to turn a light on! Everything flows nicely since the halls all connect with one another and the main hallway opens into the living room.

We keep asking ourselves how we didn’t notice the Purple Hall Walls until the last minute? I guess we were blinded by our excitement at being homeowners.

It’s Scheffy! Isn’t he lookin’ good?

We plan to take down the attic fan with its louvered doors and spray paint all of it white instead of this ugly, doo-doo brown. Light fixtures will get switched out eventually too.

I’ll take you out with some sangin’. Let’s reminisce together by checking out this clip!

It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flying Purple People Eater

A one-eyed, one-horned, flying Purple People Eater

It sure looks strange to me

I said, “Mr. Purple People Eater, what’s your line?”

He said, “eating purple people and it sure is fine

But that’s not the reason that I came to land

I wanna get a job in a rock ‘n roll band.”

Well, bless my soul rock ‘n roll flying’ purple people eater

Pigeon-toed under-growed flyin’ purple people eater

one-eyed one-horned it was a people eater

What a sight to see

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At Long Last

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Sorry everyone! When things get crazy and there’s not enough time in the day to work and live life, the blog has to take a backseat. It’s been a few weeks – Adam and I have been very busy with work, yardwork and spending time with family and friends. I’ll be posting a couple of times in the next few weeks about what we’ve been up to. Don’t get too excited. We’re not that interesting…

But here’s some follow-up pictures to my previous post where I shared all the surprising things that we found blooming in our yard. Here’s the mid-spring blooms:

The Azaleas. They will be getting pruned & some much needed fertilizer once they’re finished blooming.

We have a Dogwood tree. I’ve always wanted one and didn’t know we had one!

Our beautiful cherry tree that we mistook for a birch. Sorry tree!

We were not too impressed with the blooms on our Weeping Dwarf Cherry tree. We may go all George Washington on it this fall and give it the ax.

Snowball blooms off our snowball bush. Adam wanted to cut it down before we knew what it was. I’m glad we didn’t get rid of it! Note our new fireplace screen in the background. It really adds a lot to our lodgey den!

That is all for now. I’ll be back with some updates on the following (hopefully):

  • Backyard improvements – ivy eradication, fescue seed, the state of the camellias, the slope makeover, and our new enemy, Virginia Creeper
  • Living Room progress – the stencil is DONE! picking out curtains and rods, “the furniture will get here someday” (my daily mantra)
  • Patio furniture – I’m hoping for this!
  • The hallway painting project
  • Planting around the mailbox
  • PUPPY!!! We’re getting a PUPPY in a few weeks! PUPPY!!!! I’m sure there will be posts about our new addition.
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