Mailbox Makeover

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When we moved into our house last summer, these two gargantuan bushes flocked the driveway at the street. They were our sentries, letting no car veer off of the driveway as it reversed. If it did, it would have a giant, ugly bush to deal with.

You can barely see the bush on the right in the picture above. It was just as big as its companion on the other side of the driveway.

In the fall, Adam went to war with the bush on the right. He lopped it, chopped it, and dug it up. The bare spot got a nice dose of fescue seed in the fall and another round this spring. It’s looking pretty good, especially with our trimmed crepe myrtle watching over it.

A few weeks ago, Adam took down the bush on the left near the mailbox. He used the same technique: basically going crazy with an axe and then digging up the root ball. There were river rocks making a bed around the mailbox. We have these rocks all over our yard in random places. I was surprised to find them under the bush in a pattern that made sense.

I measured the space and we went to Lowe’s to get some plants to fill ‘er in as well as some pine straw. It was pretty ugly before we started. Check out the rootball/stump of the ugly shrub crowding this shot.

We also found a friend:

This is what we picked up at Lowes:

Here are the after shots. I added dahlias and gerber daisies once it warmed up a bit.  Everything has had a few weeks to grow.

Dwarf Nandinas in the back – these grow at a fast rate. They were super small when we got them. Still, they won’t get very big – about a 2 foot spread – which is what we wanted. We already chopped down a big bush. We don’t want a big bush again, let alone 4 of them. This particular type of Nandina is heat and drought resistant – nice for being out by the curb. It’s leaves vary in shades of green, purple, and red.

Dahlias and Gerber daisies in the middle – annuals are more fun than perennials if you really want that splash of color. It’s a shame that they don’t last too long. These should be fine for the summer.

Blue ground cover – I cannot remember the name of this stuff. It will spread out more. It has cornflower blue blooms on it and it’s a perennial.

It looks much better out here, don’t you think? I plan to plant some bulbs and mums this fall and some ornamental cabbage for the winter.


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