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Shutter(s) the Front Door

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I got all patriotic and painted our front door a rich red on the 4th of July. It’s one of those projects I’ve been meaning to do for ages, but never had the motivation I need to start the project and see it through in a reasonable amount of time.

I picked the paint up at Lowe’s 3 months ago. And I’m just now posting about it. Oh well. The paint is Allen & Roth’s Front Door Red by Valspar.

Our front door and shutters were all the same color until a few weeks ago: somewhere between a rust orange or rust red. It was dull and clashed with our brick. I never liked the color.

I’ve wanted to repaint the shutters and door since we bought the house. As you can see in the picture above, the door was once the color I wanted. Just like our hallways and our bedroom… What goes around comes around.

Our front door is behind a glass storm door, so I didn’t prime it. (My paint was Valspar exterior semi-gloss with primer in it anyway.) To prep, I wiped it down thoroughly with a damp sponge. Adam removed all the hardware: knob, deadbolt, knocker, and kick plate. I put wood putty in the holes left by the knocker and the kick plate. I also lightly patched some nicks in other places. I taped off the windows and covered the glass with wax paper. I waited for the putty to dry and sanded it down. I wiped the door down again with a damp sponge to get rid of the dust.

The paint has very good coverage. I was nervous because when it’s wet, it looks like raspberry pink. Thankfully, it dried to a deep, rich, gorgeous red. I used a 3 inch roller for most of the door, but a brush to get in the grooves of the panels and windows. It took 2 coats and 3 where the wood putty dried. I should tell you that I waited the recommended 2 hours for deep holes, sanded it smooth, and wiped the dust away with a damp sponge.

Our old door hardware was brass. We bought a new deadbolt and door handle at Lowes in bronze. I like it a lot more, but I’m sorry to say that you can’t see if from the street because the storm door blocks it. Boo. At least guests coming over will see it once we open the storm door, right? I love the look of the loopy handle instead of the brass knob.

It was a subtle change, but a really good one. The glossier paint looks so much better as does the color. We plan to get a door knocker, but there’s no rush. I patched the door knocker holes on purpose so I wouldn’t feel like we had to run out and get one.

Now, onto the shutters and my amazing husband. Yes, they go together because it was my dear husband that feared for his life as he leaned out of 2nd story windows and perched on a wobbly ladder underneath the power line to paint these babies. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

Sorry neighbors that our shutters were 2 different colors for a few weeks. We’re those people.

I suffered through dozens of mosquito bites painting the lower shutters. It took 2 coats in most places and some spots required a 3rd coat for touch-ups. I’ll save you the agonizing details, but Adam despised this project. I think I heard “I hate this” about 10 times in one morning. There are a few places Adam couldn’t get to because he did not feel safe on an aluminum ladder 6 inches under our power line. He’s a smart guy. I’m glad he won’t be a Darwin Award Winner this year. Instead, he hung out of a window. There were a few other places that were too high and the ladder was too wobbly. Luckily, Adam’s mom had no fear and finished the job for us when his parent’s visited. THANK YOU!

So here’s the exterior of the house after a bit of fresh paint.

We like it. That’s all that matters. We definitely have some landscaping ahead of us. But all of you homeowners know that landscaping is time-consuming, patience-testing and money-sapping work.

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