The Death of a Ceiling Fan

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I gave our kitchen fan a summer and a half trial. I figured he deserved one full summer (this summer) to prove to me his usefulness since we moved into our house at the end of the summer of 2011. I did not give him enough time to make his case July through September of last year. I needed to see if we would use him during the hot summer months in the craze of a cooking extravaganza.

The verdict: guilty of spinning round and round without cooling anything. The sentence: replacement.

I already had it in for this fan based on his looks alone. Call me shallow, I don’t care. Our house is outfitted with weird modern light fixtures all over. We’re in the (slow) process of switching these out. Read my recent post on the outdoor lights. It’s taking a while for two reasons: 1) We’re picky and 2) We have expensive taste. Not only did I not approve of the fan’s looks, but after several months of use and non-use, we determined we wouldn’t miss it because it barely cools the area it serves. Worthless. Mason agrees.

Mason enjoying a WORKING fan.

I had my eye on this chandelier at Pottery Barn for over a year. It went on sale in September and I snatched it up. Feast your eyes on the improvement. I got the shades there as well.

Adam installed it. It wasn’t easy. A big kiss and thank you to my live-in handyman. Mason and I handed him stuff and played our own version of Russian Roulette with the breaker. Just kidding. Actually, Adam did this all by himself while I was at a girlfriend’s house drinking pumpkin sangria and getting my social on. No ladies, you can’t have him.

Adam did encounter a little snafu. The hole in the ceiling was a wee bit larger than the cover plate for the chandelier. Not only that, but the ceiling around the hole was icky.

He slapped up that medallion – which he picked out HIMSELF! – to cover up the blemish. I think it looks awesome!



What do you think? I think it is more in line with the traditional look we’re going for in here.


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Love the new light – and props to Adam for picking out the medallion on his own. It looks great!

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