Bathroom Remodel – Practice Round: Part 1

Posted on April 8, 2013. Filed under: Home |

We recently made a few changes to our half bathroom that deserves some sharing. Even before the makeover, it was the best looking bathroom in our house:


We have plans to re-do all of the bathrooms, but we wanted to start with this one as a warm-up.


What we changed in here:

  1. The floor. We went from cheap vinyl tiles made to look like stone to ceramic tile made to look like stone. Much better.
  2. The trim. We replaced the baseboard and refinished the shoe molding.
  3. Re-caulked the sink.
  4. The toilet paper holder. Snazzy. I know this is the kind of exciting news you long to hear.
  5. The window treatment.
  6. The wall décor.
  7. Touch-up paint.

Our biggest project was the floor and we had a lot of help from Adam’s dad. When Adam’s parents came to visit in August they brought a bunch of tools to help us with home projects, one of them being a wet saw. Thank you thank you thank you.

A week before they came, I brought home a handful of tile samples and laid them on the floor of the bathroom. Pretty easy to make our decision once we got them all in there and looked at them at night and during the day.

To prep the room, we removed the toilet, sink/vanity, and the glass shelves. Adam carefully ripped out the baseboard in an effort to save it. That’s nearly impossible. A bunch of it broke.


We were able to salvage all of the shoe molding. A lot of it wasn’t even nailed down. I refinished it in a darker stain to match the vanity. Adam and his dad peeled up the vinyl tile.


It was super sticky so they had to use industrial strength adhesive remover and a scraper on a long handle to remove all of the glue. If you ever do this, make sure you have proper ventilation. We had windows open and fans going. Then we waited for the floor to dry.


This is what the bathroom looked like after demo. What a mess!


I’ll be back soon with an update on how things shaped up after new tile, trim, window treatment, and accessories.


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