Bathroom Remodel – Practice Round: Part 2

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When I last left off, you were looking at our half bath in demolition stage. It was ugly and sticky (for real). It was also pretty smelly between the toilet pipe and the glue remover. Just thank your lucky stars you can look at pictures and not get the whole experience.

Small confession: the bathroom tile and trim were completed in September 2012. Yes, I’m slow to post. However, we just installed our new window treatment and I accessorized. So the half bath is officially done and ready for sharing. Boy does it look better! It looks especially nice with this great new faucet we picked out:


Who doesn’t want to wash their hands under a water-breathing dragon?!?! Just kidding. We didn’t get this fixture. Can you imagine the conversations it would start?

Back to our bathroom…Adam and his dad measured for the 12” tiles with grout lines. They laid the cut tiles in the far-end of the room so cut tiles aren’t the first thing you see if they were at the threshold. It’s all in the details, people. The men applied the thin-set, scoring it with their trowel, and laid the tile with those little spacer thingies. We let it dry for 24-hours before we grouted.

I got to grout. It was messy, but satisfying. It took me a few hours to grout this small space, but I was a beginner. Adam’s dad mixed the grout for me and put it in what looked like a pastry bag. I piped the grout into the grout lines and used the float to wipe away excess or guide it into other gaps. As I went, I used a wet sponge for further clean-up. Once all of the lines were grouted, I wiped the floor 3 or 4 times with a wet sponge to wipe away all remnants of grout on the tiles. I had to change my bucket of water many times. Thanks to Dad for helping with that! We let the grout dry for 24-hours and I wiped the tiles yet again. Once dry, Adam opened the window and sealed the grout with an aerosol sealer.

About 48-hours after the grout was applied, we re-installed the toilet and sink. Because of the tile, the sink was higher than it used to be. We had to caulk it to the wall again, but it covered the original caulk line.

Next up was the trim. My dad came over with his saw and nail gun and helped Adam install the baseboard. This bathroom really was a family affair. Adam purchased primed baseboard at Lowes. Dad and Adam measured twice, cut once, and installed the baseboard with an electric nail gun in about an hour. A few weeks prior to this, I sanded down all of the shoe molding, stained it a darker color to match the vanity, and added polyurethane.


Once the baseboard was installed, Adam easily reinstalled the shoe molding since we were able to salvage all of it and there were already nail holes. After that, I taped everything and painted the baseboard a bright white.

I wiped down the door frame and door and painted touch-ups where necessary. I also had a quart of paint mixed to match the walls. I used this to touch-up quite a few places that desperately needed it.

We got a new toilet paper holder. Adam hated the old one. It was crazy how vehement he was about it. I do have to give it to him though. The new one looks so much better.


We threw away the ugly rubber roller shade. I freakin’ hate that thing. When we moved in, we had 3 of them, now we’re down to 1.



The one remaining is for a window that is in the shower of the hall bath. I don’t know if there is any way to get around that since it gets wet. I’ve considered removing it all together and adding a frosted decal to the window. But that window is on the front of the house and Adam thinks it will look weird. And you’ll still see the shape of a naked person if they take a shower at night. Ooo la la. Anyway… we custom-ordered a café plantation shutter that took about 8 long weeks to arrive. Café meaning that it is not the full height of the window. It allows a lot of natural light in but still protects the privacy of the potty-goer.


Wowza! What a difference it makes. I love that it allows so much natural light in and it looks classier than that rubber shade. Thank goodness.

All that was left were a few accessories.



These glass shelves were here when we moved in, but they were in the master bath. We moved them downstairs and added a cute red plate with a smelly candle on it (HomeGoods), a framed photo of Grand Central (HomeGoods for frame, IKEA for print), a bud vase with a fake red bloom (IKEA), a red bowl with natural filler balls (HomeGoods), and finally, a photo of my wedding shoes since they correspond with the theme of city/boutique and one of my pairs was red. If you know me, are you surprised I wore two pairs of shoes at my wedding???



So there you have it. A half-bath updated with a few changes that we think make a big difference!








This bathroom was a great practice round for the next two bathrooms that we’re tackling. More info coming soon!


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