Mod Podgin’ It

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Sometimes good intentions don’t guarantee good results.

Case in point:


My scrapbook paper wall tiles

If I’m going to be honest, they never really lived up to my expectations and then they got worse. The sheets came off and I’ve had to glue them back on so many times.



Not to mention that people sitting over there are afraid twelve pieces of pine are going to wop them on the head. We could get sued.

So I decided to embark on another craft project that involves scrapbook paper and glue. I know. I never learn.

I wanted to work on a mosaic with a Moroccan trellis pattern using different pieces of scrapbook paper.


Here’s how it goes:

1. Purchase big giant canvas (hopefully with a coupon)

2. Purchase enough scrapbook paper to cover canvas (plus extra since you’re cutting it to pieces) in the color scheme of your choosing

3. Find a template on the internets of the repeating shape you’d like to use.

(It helps if it tessellates. If you don’t know what that means, go back to high school and take geometry. I’m kidding. I was the worst math student ever. Here’s a link to Wikipedia for you.)

4. Do some computer magic to make it the size you want.

5. Print template, trace onto thick paper and cut out for your stencil.

6. Trace stencil onto scrapbook paper (I’m sure you can guess what comes next…)

7. Cut out shapes (you’re so smart!)

8. Make a grid pattern on your gigantic canvas with a yard stick and a level (this will keep things from getting all sorts of crooked and help you to start at the center.

9. Arrange the shapes on your canvas the way you’d like for them to appear starting at the center.

10. Break out the modge podge and your inner craft.

11. You know what to do.

Now you can carry the mosaic onto the sides of the canvas if you’d like, or you can wait until it dries, trim the overhanging pieces, tape off the surface of the canvas, and paint the sides black or gray. Or you can leave the sides unfinished. I chose to leave my canvas unfinished because one, I didn’t have enough of the right-shaped scraps to use on the sides and two; it would have looked weird to have black sides when all the colors I used were light and bright.

I tell you what. This project turned out so much better than the tile project. I know that these little pieces of paper aren’t going anywhere because I modded til I podged-ed. The quatrefoils are adhered with mod podge and then I painted 2 coats of podge over them.

Here’s the final product:


It’s a big improvement. So shiny! Yes, there are itty bitty white spaces between some of the shapes, but I think it adds character. Call them grout lines if you’d like.



I do feel bad for asking Adam to mount 9 squares in a grid pattern only to change my mind later. But it’s better to accept failure and make it better than to live with it. This is what happens when you DIY. Some things work and some things don’t.


Though we are in the midst of a master bathroom renovation, we do have plans for our den. They’re small, but a lot of small changes can make a big difference. I’ll let you know what’s in the works soon!


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