Who doesn’t like a good post about sod?

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Don’t get too excited. We didn’t re-sod our entire yard. That’s too expensive for us right now with a bathroom renovation in progress. We don’t have the time anyway. We’re grouting all the time.  — Let’s be real. We’re still vacuuming up mortar dust from the demo.

Our  weeping cherry left a bald spot in our front yard.


We also have a few other spots that needed a little kick in the (gr)ass.


We have a combination of centipede, fescue, weeds and moss in our front yard. We’re your neighborhood front yard nursery! Just stop on by!

Centipede is a creeper (I’m not sure that’s a technical term or not), meaning it spreads, not meaning it’s a weird dude in a Tercel with a mustache…

Anyway, we could have waited a year or two and the grass probably would have spread to cover our bald spot, but I’m impatient and I don’t like bald spots – in yards. I like bald people as long as they embrace it. A comb-over fools no one! I digress again.

I wanted to go full-out Rogaine on our yard. Centipede grows best in full sun which would explain why there’s fescue growing downhill in the shade.


How did the fescue get there? Well some of it was already there. And then I think we seeded more of it. Why? I’m not sure. I don’t think we knew a whole lot about grass at the time. It’s amazing the things you learn as a homeowner… The moss is in the very shady spots


and the weeds just do what they want.


So we ordered some sod from Super Sod for all of our bald spots. Adam tilled the ground with my grandfather’s ancient rototiller (seriously, this thing is 50 years old and weighs more than my car), removed all the weeds and moss, soaked it with the hose, mixed in some amendments – lime and 10-10-10 fertilizer, laid the sod, and stomped all over it to get rid of any air pockets.

If we had thought ahead, we probably would have used Round-Up on all the areas we wanted to sod 2 weeks prior. It would have made it easier by killing all of the moss and weeds. But we didn’t think of that so we didn’t do it.

So this is what the yard looks like with some sod.


P1030194Like bandages, yo! We are really going to try to keep this grass alive. We suspect like everything else yard related the previous owners did not invest much TLC in the grass. Only time will tell if it was human error or Mother Nature.


P1030198We expect it will take a full year for the centipede sod to blend in and creep. It’s a pretty slow growing grass, but it’s already started to grow upwards. We have plans for the lower section by the sidewalk and liriope border. We’ll add another row or two of liriope and perhaps some pine straw and low-growing spreading plum yew.


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