We are Living in a Material World…

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…And I’m picking out some gorgeous items for our master bathroom renovation!

After about a dozen stores for bathrooms, faucets, tile, stone, flooring, etc., we’ve finally picked out the majority of our materials at the first place we went to (go figure) and I’m here to share them with all of you eager and aspiring bathroom renovators.

1. Floor tile

I had to have basket weave floor in one of our upstairs bathrooms. It makes me giddy. It’s a good thing Adam likes it too. I really like how this particular pattern is subtle and the Carrara marble has the gray, green/blue colors we were looking for. See those little accent pieces? Perfection.

floor tileSorry for the blurry iPhone picture

We actually decided to carry this tile over into the shower floor for cohesion and in an attempt to make the space seem bigger. Gasp! I’m surprised myself. I hate cleaning shower floors, but everyone has assured me that the new tile and grout will be much different than my 50 year old shower floor that is stained, not sealed, and just plain OLD.

Believe you me, if this shower floor situation doesn’t work out, I’ll tell you all about it and go to therapy. I’m slightly nervous.

2. Shower wall tile

Oversized subway tiles in Carrara marble for the walls of the shower. Tres chic. So pretty. They’re fairly large at 8×20”. Apparently big tiles cheat the space and make it seem larger. So do lighter colors. It will really brighten it up in here. I hope it looks bigger than it does now. We’re going to grout with a light gray to bring out all the veins in the marble and because I don’t want to clean white grout. Just keeping it real…

3. Accent wall tile

Same material as the shower tile – Carrara marble – but smaller in size at 4×12”. We’ll tile about 4 feet up the wall behind the sink and toilet, add a pencil border, this accent border of mixed glass and marble, a pencil border and a ledge piece, and call it a day. The tile will carry over to the half wall.

4. Counter top

We haven’t decided on the counter top yet, but we think we are going with quartz. It’s a very durable material and great for bathrooms and kitchens. Plus, it’s very versatile and comes in all colors and patterns. Yes, we have marble tile everywhere, but I was hesitant to have a marble counter top in a bathroom with lots of beauty products and curling irons that would inevitably make contact. These are the my top picks for counters in no particular order: marble-like, looks like Corian to me, probably the best match to our marble (I don’t think it has to match, just coordinate), a little bling and pizzazz with this one. Of course I’m leaning toward the sparkly one, but I haven’t seen any of these in person. Since we need such a small piece, I may be picking from the scrap pile anyway and my options might be limited. Then again, I don’t know if they have scrap piles for manufactured quartz since it’s – well – manufactured. I doubt they make a lot of extra.

5. Vanity

vanityImage from Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets

I ordered unfinished to save money and because I really like this vanity! We couldn’t find anything we liked that was ready to install. We plan to rent a paint sprayer from Lowes or Home Depot. I’d like to paint it a dove gray. We’ll finish it off with some satin nickel cabinet knobs.

6. Vanity Light

In my mood board, I used a fixture from Shades of Light which I lurrrve.

bygoneImage from Shades of Light

It’s down to $135 from $150 which isn’t bad, but isn’t great when you’ve spent most of your budget on marble tile. So I did some more browsing and looky what I found at the neighborhood Lowes:

sea gullImage from Lowes

Pretty darn similar, I say. Real close. So close that I don’t have a clear favorite. So I went with the cheaper option that wouldn’t have to be delivered. Plus, it comes in a satin nickel which will match the rest of our fixtures. It was a win win.

7. Fixtures: sink and shower

We didn’t pay near this much! Thank goodness! You’ve got to love amazon! But fixtures are one thing you don’t really want to skimp on. It’s very difficult to fix plumbing later on without ruining all your tile work. Who likes a leaky faucet anyway?

Brushed stainless steel, traditional with a modern twist. You gotta love it! It sure beats what was in there:



8. Storage solutions

medicine cabinetImage from Lowes

We’ll be getting a much larger and less industrial looking medicine cabinet. Hurrah!

shelvesImage from Grandin Road

Grandin Road makes this awesome shelf caddy that you mount into your door hinges. We’re still thinking about it. We may be able to get along without it. It is a pretty nifty design, but it’s expensive.

We’ll also get some wall-mounted shelves for over the toilet – TBD. I’m excited.

Bathroom accessories like towel bars and hooks will be a brushed nickel, but we haven’t picked them out yet since those are some of the last things to install.

And this is how we felt after buying our tile:

tile shock

It was painful. We did save a ton of moolah by buying it from The Tile Shop during their Memorial Day sale.  I plan to go to HomeGoods, World Market, and Hobby Lobby for vanity knobs, towel hooks, bath mat, etc. We plan to make a structured valance for the window ourselves and I’ll try to snag some sale fabric for that.

Does anyone want to help us grout? That basket weave floor has a lot of grout lines! It’s going to be so much fun!


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