Our Gallery Wall (aka a lot of holes we’ll have to patch when we sell this house)

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Oh blogitty-blog-blog-blog. I haven’t been a very good blogger this summer. I made a rule for myself this year that if the blog ever got in the way of life or seemed like a chore, I shouldn’t do it. So I haven’t been blogging on a consistent basis. But I’m back. I can’t promise I’ll have weekly posts, but this blog is more for us than anyone else so I’m fine with that.

In the middle of bathroom chaos I decided to cross an ancient to-do item off the “We got a new house (2 years ago) list”: the gallery wall.

gallery wallImage from www.curbly.com

Sheesh! I wish that was our gallery wall. It’s not.

In hindsight, I’m glad we waited on this project because there were about 4 places we could have put a gallery wall and after living in the house for 2 years, the other 3 wouldn’t have worked out as well. We opted to do our frame collage in our upstairs hallway.

We haven’t hung very many pictures since we moved in. Oops. Therefore, I had a stash of frames hidden away in our guest room. For the extra space fillers, I made a list of the frames I needed to buy (based on the prints and photos we wanted to hang) and went to IKEA and amazon.com.

Once I had all my frames together, I traced them all on newspaper, cut out the shapes and took my templates upstairs. I started with the biggest frame and taped it to the wall with painter’s tape. From here, I filled in around it and switched things up as I went. There were a few holes, so I scrounged up another frame and a decorative plate I got from a trip to Mexico.


Alert! blurry iPhone picture

Then over the course of several evenings, Adam attached hanging brackets and wire and hung picture frames directly over the templates on the wall until we had hung all the items!


I still didn’t have all of the correct photos in the frames at this point, so I had to print some pictures and mount a few instagram photos from prinstagram on burlap in these square Rivva frames.


And swap out some old photos from my college days with more current pictures:


Then you simply rip the paper off the wall and voila!



I must say, I’m pretty happy with it. There was nothing in this hall and it was a boring walk to the bedroom or the office.

For a project that seemed like such a beast, breaking it up into little manageable pieces over a few weeks made it so much easier.

  1. Gather frames
  2. Plan what you want to frame
  3. Write a list of what already have that you can work with and what you need to buy
  4. Buy new frames
  5. Frame pictures
  6. Trace all frames on newspaper and cut out
  7. Tape templates to wall in an arrangement you like
  8. Make your marks on the newspaper template after you’ve measured the brackets on the frame
  9. Nail through the paper
  10. Hang pictures
  11. Rip paper away

Anybody else have projects that you wish would just happen even though they aren’t that difficult to do?


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