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Having some technical difficulties over here, but I got lots to blog about. We’ve been working hard.



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Insta Upload

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Yikes! Forgive me for being absent. We’ve been on vacation, then Adam was out of town leaving me to fend for myself and be a single mom to Mason. Also, having a puppy is a lot of work and doesn’t leave much time for blogging. Bear with me these next few months if I don’t post as much. I thought I’d share some photos of Mason and what we’ve been up to in the meantime.

From left to right: Mason post-face trim, Mason’s favorite sleeping position – letting it all hang out, glamour shot, and deep in thought. I like the black and white one on the bottom right. To me it says: “Mason for President”.

From left to right: ingredients for sangria, muddy after a good dig, caught in the couch, watching Daddy walk away at the gas pump, road-tripping it.

Sometime this week I’ll share some pictures of our new backyard fence! That’s after I do 3 weeks worth of laundry from all the traveling we’ve been up to!

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Brain Dump

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1. The first spring in a house is fun. Everyday I’m surprised by the flowers shooting out of the ground in various places.

2. I really am slowing down with chores, house projects, to-do lists, extra-curricular commitments. It feels good.

3. My job is getting more stressful. Raising money always takes me back to hocking Sally Foster wrapping paper at every door in East Cobb County – except there’s no cool prize. The prize is I get to keep my job. Fair enough. At least I get to go to swanky cocktail parties a couple of times a month.

4. Cooking healthy things that my husband and I both like is hard. Inevitably one of us wants beef, pork, cheese, or pasta. I can’t decide if we’re weak or just have really good taste.

5. I love Downton Abbey. Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess rocks my socks.

Image courtesy of The New York Times

6. We’re getting a puppy. It’s unreal. There’s a fence guy at our house right now giving us an estimate. That’s when I know my husband is serious. I have friends that have said they fight with their spouses more about how to raise the family pet than their own children. Should be interesting…

7. My moodiness increases exponentially between 6:00 and 7:30pm. That’s when 3 things typically happen: I’m exhausted, I get very hungry, and I begrudge making dinner. Sorry, dear.

8. The giant hamsters in those car commercials that rap seriously scare me. I have to turn away.

9. I watch entirely too much TV: Downton Abbey, The Bachelor, Glee, Revenge, Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, Parenthood, Grimm, Once Upon a Time, Pan Am (I hear it’s getting the axe), Modern Family, Hart of Dixie.

     a. Some may say I have really bad taste in TV.

     b. I might have to agree. But I don’t care.

     c. My husband is a saint for allowing me to watch all of this on his TV. Especially since I start griping 30 seconds into Lock-Up how bad it is.

10. I want a facial. I’ve only had 1 in my lifetime and that’s a damn shame. They are better than massages.

11. I’ll never get tired of reading Harry Potter books

12. My version of heaven will have a candy buffet with all the cookie dough and cotton candy I can eat. No salmonella, no diabetes, no weight gain, and no cavities.

13. If I finish a book and it makes me cry, chances are whoever speaks to me next – no matter who they are or what they say – will make me cry harder. Good book with a good cry:

14. I miss singing in a choir. I need to find one. Shouldn’t be too hard considering I have tons of resources at my fingertips.

15. We are in the process of furnishing an entire room in our house: couch, chairs, rug, end tables, lamps, drapes, accessories. I dream of upholstery options at night. I have nightmares that red wine will get spilled on my cream colored chair. I’m antsy that it’s going to take 12 weeks to get our leather couch. 12 WEEKS! However, I can somewhat relax because I got a killer deal on the couch and chair we ordered – like 45% off retail. If you want some furniture negotiating tips, see my mother. I’ll tell you all about the furniture shopping/buying/room designing experience soon.

My beautiful modified wingback chair I ordered. It’s surprisingly comfortable.

The couch we ordered except it’s in a softer leather. The leather we chose is about the same color as the floor model. This couch  is very comfortable. It was so hard for us to find a comfortable couch since we’re both short. Everything was too deep.

Everybody enjoy a lovely week in Georgia – supposed to be in the mid-60s every day! Global warming or not, I could get used to this!

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